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End of Summer Cocktails


Doesn’t this look lovely?  It’s the perfect antidote to the end of summer blues.  Think of it as a simple variation on white Sangria. All you need is some inexpensive white wine, club soda, some ripe fruit and fresh herbs.  We used a sweet, ripe white nectarine here and we played around with flavoring the wine with different herbs sprigs from our herb garden.  I particularly liked the tarragon-nectarine combination but you should find out what you like best.  The fruit was delicious to eat at the end of the glass.  *If the white wine that you are using is very acidic you can sweeten up this drink and balance the flavors by adding a sugar cube to the bottom of the glass.

Here’s what you’ll need:

Club Soda
Herbs, such as rosemary, tarragon or basil.
An inexpensive, nondescript white wine.
Sugar Cubes (optional)
Sliced fruit or berries

Place the fruit, herbs and sugar cube (if using) at the bottom of the glass.  Add ice, white wine and a splash of club soda for a little bit of fizz. Sit down, relax and enjoy!  Repeat as necessary!

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