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French Fridays with Dorie: Marie Helene’s Apple Cake


I LOVED this cake from Around My French Table.  It is awesome!  This ‘cake’ is more like ‘fruit and cake’ Wait, don’t they say that about Fig Newtons?  Oh sorry, this cake totally kick’s fig newtons you-know-what.  It is beautiful to look at with a golden brown surface, but you don’t really start to understand this cake until you cut into it and realize it is apples held together with a little bit of batter.  Enhanced with a little vanilla and rum (yes, I finally found a use for the bottle of Captain Morgan’s that has been at the back of the liquor cabinet for years.) it was absolutely delightful.  Not only that I’ve been so infatuated with this cake I have shared it with most of my clients to rousing approval.  The batter is super easy to make too—the hardest part is dicing the apples.  (FYI I used half honey crisp and half golden delicious.)  I’m already looking forward to next week’s recipe!



P.S.  This cake would be lovely served in the late afternoon with a glass of Moscato d’Asti, cheese and fresh fruit.

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