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Tips for Switching to a Gluten Free Diet


Gluten Free is HOT right now—as a private chef many of my clients are gluten free or are going gluten free for a variety of reasons. Here are my tips for making the switch!

  • Going “gluten free” doesn’t mean “going without” – it’s about creating a healthy, delicious diet that makes you feel and look your best. Focus on the things you CAN eat rather than what you can’t.
  • Join a gluten free support group or initiate a cooking co-op where gluten-free dieters exchange ideas, success stories and the occasional goof!
  • Be cautious when dining out and don’t be afraid to ask questions as many are still not aware of gluten or wheat in certain foods such as wheat extract. Many restaurants now offer gluten-free dishes and menus.
  • When in doubt about what to eat, stick with gluten-free basics like fruit, vegetables and lean meat to create simple, satisfying dishes.
  • Be familiar with gluten-free brand names including Udi’s for sandwich bread, pizzas and granola; Kinnikinnick for panko “bread crumbs” and English muffins. You can also easily source stores and websites that only offer gluten-free products.
  • Discover the wonderful world of Asian noodles such as mung bean threads, yam noodles, rice noodles and rice paper wrappers; you won’t miss traditional wheat-based pasta at all.
  •  When it comes to condiments, watch out for products such as Worcestershire Sauce, Hoisen Sauce, Plum Sauce, Oyster Sauce and Black Bean Sauce as many of them contain wheat starch as an ingredient. Many products, especially condiments, are now labeled “gluten free” when appropriate so keep an eye out for those!
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