Good Living Under Shelter-in-Place

Studio of Good Living

It’s been rough around here. Business is of course down 60% but I still can deliver meals, and for that I’m endlessly grateful.

Homeschooling three kids is wild. It’s certainly not anything I ever thought I would do in a million years. Yet here we are.

Our house, which always is a hive of activity filled with playdates, casual dinners with friends and cooking classes, is almost quiet.

I’m just starting to get into a new rhythm and routine.

There are moments of grace and such sweetness when we are all hunkered down together. It’s a chance for us to slow down and connect. I am so grateful for our health and our online and text support groups of parents and friends.

I do love the small moments we have together. My son’s infectious laugh, Lulu’s stories, and Lily’s big spontaneous hugs,

Pete and I have epic ping pong battles after the kids are in bed. We have been watching movies, playing board games and of course cooking and baking our way through a stack of dog-eared cookbooks.

The overwhelming request from my kids has been for comfort foods and I have obliged. I’ve also been baking all of the time-consuming recipes that I never seem to have time for: Kouign-Amanns, croissants, and Japanese milk bread to name a few

I’ve discovered Zoom, as many of you have. Big thanks and a shout out to #lovestoryyoga, #stephsnyder, and #purebarrewestportal for helping me keep a routine and my sanity during this time of crisis.

What is helping you to keep your sanity?

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